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Noosa Paddle Trip

This trip caters for most paddlers, from level 2 paddlers up to strong intermediate paddlers


Why is the Noosa paddle trip so good?

You do everything you usually do on a holiday relax, eat, drink, sleep and as a bonus, your days will involve exciting wave catching moments and chasing ocean runners with other like minded paddlers. The Noosa and Mooloolaba areas are some of the most beautiful places in Australia and September is the best time of year to visit. 

For wave catching on the surf ski, the Noosa river mouth offers two waves to catch, one super small and one slightly bigger. Your Coach Luke Horder will show you where to paddle out, when to catch the wave, the correct line to hold and when to pull off.

There will also be a paddle out to Hells Gate. Don't be scared by the name, Luke will take you out there and have a small taste of the ocean curvatures. You will look back towards Noosa and see how beautiful the place is from the water.

As confidence and wave catching skills build dramatically each day, you will find as the week progresses, we are all catching the same waves together and having a great time. 

The amount of waves and runners you catch in one week in Noosa, should equal the amount you catch in a whole year, in Sydney.

What is involved?

Stroke analysis is provided in the Noosa flat water. For this, Coach Luke Horder will film your stroke from a speedboat. Later that day Luke will sit with each paddler and break their stroke down frame by frame, providing plenty of tips for you to work on for the rest of the paddle week.

Mooloolaba wave catching is off Port Cartwright for the bigger waves and inside at Mooloolaba Beach for the smaller wave. Start with the smaller wave and build up to the bigger waves. Coach Luke will also put you in the right sport for wave catching and direct you on the right line to stay on the sandbank. 

Moffats Ocean Run is the grand finale, a chance to finish the week on a high with a 16km ocean run from Moffats Beach to Mooloolaba Boat ramp. This ocean run will only happen if conditions are safe and you always have the choice to not do it if you wish.

Coach Luke will always put you in the best spot based on the swell direction, wind direction and tide height. Luke will show you where to take off and what to aim for when your on the wave. Luke will paddle next to you showing when to paddle faster or surf the wave and have fun.

Coach Luke will capture plenty of cool footage of everyone on waves and an end of week a fun video “mash up” to sum up the amazing trip.


The 2024 Noosa/Mooloolaba Paddle trip will start in Noosa Monday 9th September and end in Mooloolaba on Saturday 14th September 2024, so plan your travel and accommodation around these dates. The paddling days on the trip will be first paddle Monday afternoon 2:30pm in Noosa and last paddle Saturday morning (7am - 10am) 14th September. 


Payable to Sydney Harbour Surf Club: $1,350 AUD

Deposit - $50 AUD by 29/02/2024, to secure your spot.

Second payment - $650 AUD by 31/03/2024

Third payment - $650 AUD by 31/04/2024

No refunds will be given after 30/06/2024

This covers the following and ensures we can lock in the trip logistics.

We supply:

  • The Epic Surf Ski of your choice for the paddle trip dates
  • Paddle and PFD (let us know if you prefer to BYO either or both of these)
  • Expert coaching on “wave catching” and “ocean runners”
  • Filming of your stroke and frame by frame break down of your stroke in person
  • Our trailer/vehicle will get you and your Epic surf ski to all the paddle locations each day

We arrange:

We will book amazing restaurants for the group to come together, however meal and beverage costs at these venues are your own cost with split bills available.

  • Monday (9th) Bang Bang Asian Fushion (Hastings St, Noosa)
  • Wednesday (11th) Bistro C (Hastings St, Noosa)
  • Friday (13th) Pier 33 (Mooloolaba Wharf)

You arrange:

  • Flights / travel - Flights – fly Sydney to Sunshine Coast airport Monday 9th September (morning flight), then return flight home Sunshine Coast airport to Sydney Saturday (12pm onwards) 14th September
  • Your accommodation – please see map locations below to find your own place within the red circle
  • Team dinners – we will arrange venues for three evening team dinners, other evenings can be arranged amongst the group of paddlers or yourself.
  • Transit to / from Sunshine Coast airport to/from accommodation
  • Transit between Noosa and Mooloolaba – Thursday 12th September (10am -12pm) we all transit/drive in taxi/ubers from Noosa to Mooloolaba together. 

Accommodation: (Note two locations to book)

You need to arrange your own accommodation. or are great resources to check out accommodation options.

  • Accommodation in Noosa for check in Monday 9th September and Check out Thursday 12th September. 

Please look for accommodation inside the red circle

Noosa Map


Mooloolaba Map

  • Accommodation in Mooloolaba for check in Thursday 12th September and Check out Saturday 14th September. 

Please look for accommodation inside the red circle


General Trip Logistics

What gear will I need?

We will provide you with a detailed recommended packing list of things to take closer to the time.

 As an overview, you will require:

  • normal paddling gear (recommend at least 3 sets of paddle clothing, preferably high vis. Hi-Vis orange is the most visible colour out in the ocean and makes it easier to spot each other)
  • your paddle & PFD (note we can provide these, just let Luke know when booking)
  • leg leash (take spares, every year several leg leashes break),
  • your phone case for safe storage, for SafeTrx + the all important photo taking
  • VHF radio (optional but highly recommended for on the water communications)
  • Your caps/visors, sunglasses, and GoPro - will all need ties.

You can take your own paddle on the plane, it is classified as its own bag, so you need to have purchased extra luggage for it. If you have a suitable paddle bag, place your paddle in and place all your paddle clothes around it to protect it. If you have a paddle soft cover, please wrap it extensively in bubble wrap and place fragile stickers on it. The airport baggage handlers through your paddle and sometimes it ends up underneath other heavier suitcases, so the more protection the better. You can also place your paddle and PFD in the trailer before it leaves Sydney. 










Monday 9th September –

Arrive in Noosa

First paddle 2:30pm - 4:30pm


Restaurant - Team Dinner 6:30pm onwards


Bang Bang



Tuesday 10th September

(8am – 12pm)




X Train


Noosa River Mouth - Paddle from boat ramp out to Noosa River Mouth warm up. Learn all the skills of wave catching together with a video taken of you on a wave. Finish with a warm down paddle to the boat ramp.

There will be filming of your stroke, 1 min from the side and 1 min from the rear. 

Finish with abdominal workout and stretches





Meet/Finish at Russell St Boat Ramp


Luke Horder


Wednesday 11th September (9am – 12pm)




X Train


Hells Gate ins & outs – Paddle from boat ramp out to Noosa River mouth and then onto Hells Gate, working on getting the weight down on the stroke. Ins and Outs from Hells Gate, then smaller waves at Blackrock before returning to Noosa River Mouth.

Focus – Transferring weight from one stroke to the other  

Paddle back to boat ramp cool down and Finish with abdominal workout and stretches





Meet/Finish at Russell St Boat Ramp


Luke Horder

Wednesday 11th September 6:30pm


Restaurant - Team Dinner


Bistro C


Thursday 12th September (7am – 9am)


Noosa River Mouth - Paddle from boat ramp out to Noosa River Mouth warm up. Learn all the skills of wave catching together with a video taken of you on a wave. Finish with a warm down paddle to the boat ramp.


Meet/Finish at Russell St Boat Ramp

Luke Horder

Thursday 10am


Drive to Mooloolaba

We will car pool or order a maxi taxi 





Thursday 12th September (3pm – 5pm)



X Train


Wave Catching & Body Rotation work - Paddle from Mooloolaba boat ramp out to Port Cartwright to catch waves. Paddle back to boat ramp




Meet/Finish at Mooloolaba Boat Ramp


Luke Horder








Friday 13th September (7:30am – 10am)






Paddle speed work for wave catching - Paddle from Mooloolaba boat ramp out to Port Cartwright warm up, and practice wave catching. Finish with a warm down paddle to the boat ramp.


Mooloolaba Boat ramp

Luke Horder


Friday 13th September (2pm – 5pm)





Ocean Downwind Session - 1km warm up out to sea from Moffat Beach Boat ramp/ Then do 6 x 2km efforts @ 70-75% working on runner skills, with 2-3 min rest after each 2km effort/ warm down paddle to Mooloolaba boat ramp

Focus – getting the surf ski down curvatures (ocean runners)


We drive to Moffats Beach Boat ramp

Luke Horder

Friday 6:30pm


Restaurant – Farewell Dinner

Pier 33



Saturday 14th September



7am - 10am  - Paddle from Mooloolaba boat ramp out to Port Cartwright warm up, and practice wave catching. Finish with a warm down paddle to the boat ramp. 

Drive off to the airport for a lunchtime or early afternoon flight home