February 2024

Fit Feb!

We are always here to help and push you progress further as a paddler. Click the February links below and see that each week we have all the tips & tricks on how to paddle faster and more efficiently plus videos on equipment knowledge, nutrition, how to avoid injuries and the science to improve training performance. 

February Week One
February Week Two
February Week Three
February Week Four
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Feb Fast Challenge 


Let’s all have a crack at Feb Fast! Feb fast is all about fasting for as long as possible. Having an early dinner at night and then fasting all the way through to lunchtime the next day, without any interruptions of coffee, or anything. This is the key to putting the body in a fasting state. In January, I myself used this fasting method and Lost 13kg in 20 days. The first week was stopping alcohol, reducing the amount of food that I was consuming and starting the exercise workouts. In the first week I lost 2.5kg, which was mainly due to stopping alcohol and reducing the food intake that I was consuming before. In week two, I felt much fitter and the workouts were getting longer and the intensity was increasing, my stomach was shrinking so each day I was able to eat less without any difficult cravings. In the second week I was able to lose 4.5kg. In week three, I was on a mission to lose the last 6kg. My workouts were getting even longer and the goal of running a half marathon (21km) at the end of the week started to become possible, my lunches then turned into a protein shake, as that was fulfilling me enough to dinner. My dinner meals got smaller and smaller each night as my stomach was continuing to shrink and the third week I lost the 6kg, i ran a half marathon and reached the goal of losing 13kg of body fat.

Below are the secret tips that helped me along the way:

1. Fasting for up to 17hours a day
2. Increase workouts up to 90mins in duration
3. A protein shake to replace a meal
4. Plenty of resting between workouts for recovery
5. Having small daily goals , morning goals, afternoon goals.

If you commit to 1 week, 3 weeks or a month, you need to treat this mission as a full time job. Every minute of your day is focused on planning and actioning the daily goals you set. This will take everything you got, but just remember the hard work and sacrifice is only short term 🙌



Bridge 2 Beach
Sunday 18th February 

Join the Sydney Harbour Surf Club Crew as we take on the iconic Bridge 2 Beach 10km surf ski race event. We will take a trailer of 20 surf skis to the start line at Blues Point Reserve so please book in on the SHSC App for that. After the event we all enjoy beverages at the Bavarian Manly Wharf. 

Great club day so come and be part of it. 
Book into the race event here - https://oceanpaddler.com/ocean-events/manly-wharf-bridge-to-beach/


Club Social Drinks Night 
Friday 23rd February 5pm onwards


Its a Friday! so come and have drinks with fellow club paddlers at our popular social drinks night. We will be gathered downstairs at the Royal Oak, Double Bay from 5pm onwards. 


Spit 2 Zoo (8km or 15km) 


The Sydney Paddle Series has been created by three leading Sydney Paddle Clubs specifically for Surf Ski Paddlers of all levels - Sydney Harbour Surf Club, Manly Warringah Kayak Club & Shark Island Paddlers. The spirit is to share the water, the fun and of course the competition across three stunning Sydney Harbour locations & courses - Middle Harbour/Sydney Harbour, the Pittwater/Hawkesbury and Rose Bay/Parsley Bay. 

Spit to Zoo Saturday 24th February at Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Spit Road, Mosman;

Course length 9/15k

  • Race starts from 8:30 am; briefing time TBA
  • Paddler Check-in from 7am
  • PFD (life jacket) and a Leg Leash. See race rules. This will be checked prior to race start and at the finish line. Failure to have the required minimum safety equipment will lead to disqualification (DSQ)
  • Note that parking is restricted in this area. METERED PARKING is available in three locations 1) on the South-Western Side of The Spit Bridge 2) at Clontarf Beach 3) on Parriwi Road – all locations are metered parking; Prior Boat drop-off is available in the MHYC car park. Please ensure you have a paid parking ticket until 10:30 am




Did you know...

 "The sandstone pillar, which is a Doric column, was originally one of six which supported the portico of the old Post Office in George Street. That building was demolished after the construction of the present General Post Office (GPO) and one pillar was placed on Bradley's Head in the 1870s or 1880s. It marks one nautical mile from the Fort Denison Tower.

"Several of the sandstone pillars taken from the demolished Sydney Post Office were placed in positions in Sydney, where they could serve new but useful purposes. The one off Bradley's Head, in conjunction with the tower off Fort Denison, was used for speed trials of vessels in Sydney Harbour. Owing to an increased congestion on the Harbour, it is no longer used by the Maritime Services Board for this purpose, but it is an interesting relic of our nautical past.




Kicking off with race 1 of the series is the Shoal Bay Showdown. Paddlers will enjoy the mini 7km, short course 14km or the long course 20km ocean events in the beautiful surroundings of Port Stephens.

Saturday 9th March, 2024 @ 2pm is the 7km, 14km and 20km ocean events.

Wind N/NE/NW - 7km ocean event starts with a beach jump start from South end of Fingal Bay Beach and finishes at Boat Harbour Beach. 

Wind N/NE/NW - 14km ocean event starts with a jump start from the East end Shoal Bay beach and takes you across the iconic Fingal Bay sandbar to finish at Boat Harbour Beach.

Wind N/NE/NW - 20km ocean event starts with a jump start from the East end of Shoal Bay beach and takes you clockwise around Boondelbah Island to come back across the iconic Fingal Bay sandbar to finish at Boat Harbour Beach.

If conditions are severe there is an alternative 11km course from Soliders Point to Shoal Bay beach. 



We are always happy to help.

Learning to surf ski paddle is a journey! If you have any questions big or small please don't hesitate to send us an email and ask us!
Or if you have any feedback on how we can do things better or change please let us know. 


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