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Be seen and be safe with a Guardian Light. Lightweight, waterproof and easy to attach.

Powerful and Waterproof Guardian Lights

Light is visible up to 2km in darkness. Will operate for over 250 hours on strobe mode per single set of Lithium batteries. The lights are even waterproof to 328 feet, that’s 100m.

Guardian Strobe or Steady Stream Light

The light is capable of operating in strobe mode, or steady-on mode which is a full stream of light. To change between the modes you simply unscrew the cap, flip the battery and screw the cap back on. The lights are omni-directional light, so you’ll be visible to other traffic from all sides. To turn the lights on or off you simply twist the lens.

Batteries Included

Lights come ready for use with batteries. The replacement batteries are low cost CR2032 batteries which are available almost everywhere.


Clips onto your PFD for greater visibility

Operates in temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees Centigrade 

Waterproof to 100m / 328 ft 

LED light is highly cost effective 

Omni-Directional Light design makes it visible from all sides 

Directional light is visible up to 2km in darkness 

Light is visible over 0.5km from the side 

Dual Operation Modes - steady-on or flashing 

Simple Operation – just twist on the lens to turn the light on and off 

Long Battery Life - Over 250 hours of operation in strobe mode per battery 

Lifetime LED rated at 100,000 hours 

High Impact Resistance - extra tough optical dome Tough Casing – design to handle being driven over by an average car