With our posture in paddling, we really want you sitting up on the sit bones, we really don't want you to slouch in paddling. Push yourself back into the back of the seat and really sit up, keep your chest out and chin up. We don't want you looking down in paddling because that makes your shoulders drop and then your surf ski starts to wobbly.

Posture it's all about sitting upright and tall, slightly 5 degrees forward and really open up your diaphragm. Good posture gives you more rotation and more rotation will give you a longer reach. This means you are going to catch the water further in front and pull more water. Poor posture means your paddle will go in shorter and your stroke will pull less distance per stroke. Paddling faster is a combination of more distance per stroke and more strokes per minute.


It is important that our rudder is straight when we paddle, so our 10 toes pushed forward keep the pedals straight which ensures the rudder is straight. On the stroke we drive from the heel, but we need to allows ensure the toes are pushed forward keeping the pedals straight.  

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