September 2024

Its Spring! and so much happening...

We are always here to help and push you further as a paddler. Click the September links below and see that each week we have all the tips & tricks on how to paddle faster and more efficiently plus videos on equipment knowledge, nutrition, how to avoid injuries and the science to improve your training performance. 

September Week One
September Week Two
September Week Three
September Week Four
Upcoming Race Events

R U OK Day
Thursday 12th September 

Give someone a call 📞


Social Drinks Night 
September 27th 5pm onwards 

Come join your fellow club paddlers for a Friday evening drink at the Buena, Mosman. 


Email us your friend(s) name you have referred and if they start a paddle class we will give you a cool SHSC paddling cap (valid up to 3 friends)


 Stroketember Challenge

In the month of September we as a club are going to see if we can paddle around the world (40,075 km's). There are 30 days in September so we need 1336 km's per day which could be 134 people paddling 10km's per day.

The world Steptember campaign is running in September too, where people walk/run 10,000 steps per day. It would only be right that we paddle 10,000m per day! If you are in a level 4 class expect to reach up to 9500m in your class, level 3 classes can reach up to 7500m and level 1/2 classes up to 6500m. This means before or after each class we need to do a bit more!

We start in Sydney and paddle across the Pacific ocean in an Easterly direction with the first stop New Zealand.

Use your real name or make up a funny name and record your paddles every week on a free Strava account by syncing your watch or manually adding your entries into Strava and help us achieve this mammoth task.

Join Us


Club Champs 
Race 4  - Rose Bay Clubhouse 

Club Champs is so much fun! We have 6 x Club event races for the year and we take your best 3 results to see who are the Club Champs in each gender and age group. Each event is 10km and the course is picked the day before for best conditions. 

The first race you do, you cant win. We gather your moving time and the next races you do you receive a handicap start time based off your moving time. We then have a race where we know everyones moving time and we handicap everyone so that the entire field finish with a 100m sprint at the end. 

We laugh and support each other with everyone enjoying the cafe hangout afterwards. Each event you can see your progression versus yourself and others. 

We encourage you to come and have a go!


Moon Island Classic 
(13km) Swansea-Belmont 
21st September, 2024 



The Epic Moon Island Ski Race is on again.

REGISTRATION from 10am - the course will be approximately 14 to 16 kilometres long, depending on conditions.

RACE STARTS apprx 12.30 pending conditions and confirmed the night before.

Age categories reflect AORS categories, which means the age you turn in the 2024 calendar year will determine your category.


History of Surf Skis


We are always happy to help.

Learning to surf ski paddle is a journey! If you have any questions big or small please don't hesitate to send us an email and ask us!
Or if you have any feedback on how we can do things better or change please let us know. 


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