March Madness! 2024

We are always here to help and push you progress further as a paddler. Click on the March links below and see that each week we have all the tips & tricks on how to paddle faster and more efficiently plus videos on equipment knowledge, nutrition, how to avoid injuries and the science to improve training performance. 

March Week One
March Week Two
March Week Three
March Week Four
March Week Five
Upcoming Race Events


South Africa Paddle Trip 2025

- Join the Mocke brothers for world class coaching on the Millers run
- Become a downwind specialists in a few days of intensive learning 
- Plenty of waves to catch! Learn the right positioning, speed and angles.
- E
njoy a tour of the beautiful Franschhoek and Stellenbosch Wineries 
Table mountain or Lions Head is a 90 min hike and a must on the trip


Day 1 Jan 6th, 2025 (9am – 12pm)
Meet and greet with the Mocke Brothers (Dawid & Jasper) and have a deep dive into the skill of downwind paddling. Then enter the water for technique and skills coaching from the Mocke brothers.

Day 1 (1pm – 4pm)
Your first Millers run with the Mocke brothers coaching you. As you paddle onto runners, they will be right there guiding you on what to look for, when to go, how to surf longer.

Day 1 (6pm – 9pm)
Team dinner Kalk Bay

Day 2 (9am – 12pm)
Learn the art of wave catching with Luke Horder – positioning, speed, angles

Day 2 (1pm – 4pm)
Millers downwind run with Luke Horder recapping on all the skills the Mocke brothers outlined the previous day

Day 2 (6pm – 9pm)
Team dinner Cape Town

Day 3 (6am – 10am)
Hike up Lions head (90 minutes up) and gondola back down

Day 3 (12pm – 6pm)
Wine tour to the famous Franschhoek and Stellenbosch wineries

Day 3 (6pm – 9pm)
Team dinner Kalk Bay

Day 4 (9am – 12pm)
Ocean paddle with the Mocke brothers – focusing on individual attention of where your paddling is currently at.

Day 4 (1pm – 4pm)
Your first Millers run with the Mocke brothers coaching you. As you paddle onto runners, they will be right there guiding you on what to look for, when to go, how to surf longer.

Day 4 (6pm – 9pm)
Team dinner Cape Town

Day 5 (9am – 12pm)
Perfect the art of wave catching with Luke Horder – positioning, speed, angles

Day 5 (1pm – 4pm)
Ocean downwind run with Luke Horder and Mark Keeling. Having fun and mastering all the skills of the week

Day 5 (6pm – 9pm)
Team dinner Kalk Bay

Day 6 (9am -12pm)
Boulders Beach to see and swim with the Penguins

Day 6 (1pm – 5pm)
Paddle around the Cape of Good Hope (14km) The Southernmost tip of Africa

Day 6 (6pm – 9pm)
Team dinner Cape Town

Day 7 Sunday 12th January 
Check out and recommended you continue onto to see the big 5 in Kruger National Park or the Serengeti National Park

Prices and more info - Click here


March Madness!
Country vs Country Challenge


The country that you were born in is the country you compete for. If you were born in Australia, you need to record the state you were born in.  Every week in the March Madness campaign record your km's on strava, every record you submit please list your country name next to your name and help your country to the victory. 

At the end of March we will tally up everyones record and see which country/state paddled the furthest, to be crown strongest country/state of 2024. 

Also part of the country vs country challenge is for each person to record how many pieces of rubbish they collected on each paddle. We are calling it Plogging -  a portmanteau of "paddle" and the Swedish word for pick up: "plocka upp". It means, you guessed it; to pick up litter as you paddle. We want to see people embracing the concept of combining fitness and environmental action.

Please list on your Strava entires the pieces of rubbish you collected and your km's. Which country/state will be crowned the fittest and cleanest. 


New Clubhouse Launch Drinks Night 

 In March 2024 our new clubhouse will be finished and ready to use.
We see our clubhouse as a home away from home for all of our club members. We will release a celebration night date shortly and we invite you and your family to come along and celebrate our opening night. 

A fun night filled with canapé's, champagne, music and amazing people.
Cant Wait!


Club Champs 23rd March 
Race 2 - Rose Bay Clubhouse 7:30am start

Club Champs is so much fun! We have 6 x Club event races for the year and we take your best 3 results to see who are the Club Champs in each gender and age group. Each event is 10km and the course is picked the day before for best conditions. 

The first race you do, you cant win. We gather your moving time and the next races you do you receive a handicap start time based off your moving time. We then have a race where we know everyones moving time and we handicap everyone so that the entire field finish with a 100m sprint at the end. 

We laugh and support each other with everyone enjoying the cafe hangout afterwards. Each event you can see your progression versus yourself and others. 

We encourage you to come and have a go!

Scroll to the date on the SHSC App and book in! A week before the race we will send you a “form” to confirm your surf ski type and your moving time so we can set up the handicaps. 

Resistance workout!

Every week on the weekly PDF schedules above, we have a resistance training "workout of the week". Strength is always something people neglect, however, it is vital to our surf ski paddling and overall quality of life. 


Downwind Bus/Trailer

Every Saturday we have ocean sessions at Long Reef, La Perouse and race events. In addition to this every month we hire this bus/trailer so you can stretch out for a longer (18-20km) ocean session with the wind behind you.

The next bus/trailer session from Long Reef to Palm Beach is Saturday April 20th. We meet at (6am) either Long Reef or Palm Beach depending on the wind direction and you will be done by 9:30am.

To book open the SHSC App and under “Trailer Transport” please purchase the $35 SHSC Ski hire and transport or the $30 BYO ski and transport. Once this purchase is made then scroll to April 20th and book in. If you have not purchase the $35 or $30 ticket you won’t have a seat on the bus/trailer. 


The History of Surf Life Saving 

 The greatest surf life saving competitor of all time Clint Robinson talks us through the history of surf life saving in Australia.



The NSW Surf Ski Series is short and long course ocean paddling events that are non-intimidating and a safe environment for you to try your skills out on the ocean.

Leading into race 2 of the series with the Palm Beach Playoffs.
Paddlers will enjoy the 13km short course ocean event from Mona Vale Basin to Palm Beach or the 20km long course from Long Reef to Palm Beach. Sydney’s Northern Beaches is already a hotspot for Surf Ski paddlers and finishing at the iconic Palm Beach is a perfect setting. 

Saturday 6th April, 2024 @ 1:30pm is the 13km short course and 20km long course. The course will reverse if necessary depending on the wind directionIf severe swell occurs an alternative course from Palm Beach around Lion Island and back will be employed and if severe winds occur an alternative course from Bayview to Palm Beach inside Pittwater will be employed. 



Tingira Challenge 
March 16th (9km and 15km)


The Sydney Harbour Surf Club crew meet at the Rose Bay clubhouse and we paddle (800m) over to the start line for the Tingira Challenge. After the event we paddle back to the Rose Bay Clubhouse and enjoy a breakfast/coffee at the Boathouse Cafe. 

Book into the SHSC App March 16th Class to secure your surf ski for the event and then book into the race event here -


We are always happy to help.

Learning to surf ski paddle is a journey! If you have any questions big or small please don't hesitate to send us an email and ask us!
Or if you have any feedback on how we can do things better or change please let us know. 


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