April 2024

Hello! April Addicts

We are always here to help and push you progress further as a paddler. Click the April links below and see that each week we have all the tips & tricks on how to paddle faster and more efficiently plus videos on equipment knowledge, nutrition, how to avoid injuries and the science to improve training performance. 

April Week One
April Week Two
April Week Three
April Week Four
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April Addicts Fitness Challenge!

There are 30 days in April and we want to see who can paddle 30 consecutive days in April! Its harder then you think...

Join our $75 per week unlimited membership and if you achieve the goal we will give you a cool prize. 

We are all addicted to surf ski paddling, but who will be a true Addict! There will be a funny paddling Addicts T shirt to the winners. 

Daily log entries here


Social Drinks Night
Eastside - Friday 5th April 5pm onwards 

Its a Friday! so come and have drinks with fellow club paddlers at our popular social drinks night. We will be gathered downstairs at the Royal Oak, Double Bay from 5pm onwards. 


Social Drinks Night 
North side - 26th April 5pm onwards 

Our club social nights are a fun way to hang out with fellow paddlers. Join us Friday 26th April 5pm onwards at the Buena, Mosman. 


Club Champs 
Race 3 - Rose Bay Clubhouse 

Club Champs is so much fun! We have 6 x Club event races for the year and we take your best 3 results to see who are the Club Champs in each gender and age group. Each event is 10km and the course is picked the day before to put you in the best spot. 

The first race you do you cant win. We gather your moving time and the next races you do you recieve a handicap start time based off your moving time. We then have a race where we know everyones moving time and we handicap everyone so that the entire field finish with a 100m sprint at the end. 

We laugh and support each other with everyone enjoying the cafe hangout afterwards. Each event you can see your progression versus yourself and others. 

We encourage you to come and have a go!


Foster Race Weekend 
April 20th - 21st 

The Sydney Harbour Surf Club crew is driving the trailer up for the 13km and 22km ocean events in the beautiful Foster and surrounding areas. Book in on the SHSC App to secure your surf ski on the trailer and then book accommodation in Foster main hub. For more info and to book into the race event click here - https://oceanpaddler.com/ocean-events/forster-race-week/


Take 3 for the sea

Every time you paddle is another opportunity to take 3 pieces of rubbish from Sydney Harbour. Always leave the water in a better place then you found it!


Heading into Race 3 of the NSW Surf Ski Championship series is the Malabar Majors. Paddlers will enjoy the 8km ocean event from Coogee Beach to Malabar Beach and the 20km ocean event from Watsons Bay to Malabar beach. The paddle takes you along the majestic coastline cliff line of Sydney’s Eastern beaches.
Saturday 11th May, 2024 - 2pm race starts 
8km ocean race
- Wind N/NE/NW starts with a deep water start off Coogee Beach, paddle around Wedding Cake Island and finish on Malabar Beach.
- Wind S/SE/SW starts with a deep water start off North Bondi Beach and finish at Watsons Bay. 

20km Ocean race
- Wind N/NE/NW starts with a deep water start off Watsons bay beach and finishes at Malabar Beach. 
- Wind S/SE/SW starts with a beach jump start off Malabar Beach and finishes at Watsons Bay beach. 

14km Alternate course inside Sydney Harbour (due to severe conditions)
Starts with a deep water start off Watsons Bay beach and takes you to the turning marker at the Sydney Opera House and finishing back at Watsons Bay. 


Anaerobic Threshold 



When we start to move our body it produces a by-product called lactic acid, at lower exercise intensity there's plenty of oxygen in our body and the oxygen is what helps clear out that lactic acid. As you start to increase the intensity of your workout and you start to paddle faster and exert yourself more, the amount of lactic acid starts to "pool up" in your body and then the body cant remove the lactic acid. This build up of too much lactic acid causes you to fatigue, which makes you slow down.


We are always happy to help.

Learning to surf ski paddle is a journey! If you have any questions big or small please don't hesitate to send us an email and ask us!
Or if you have any feedback on how we can do things better or change please let us know. 



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