Towards the north of Scotland is the infamous Loch Ness river, where stories of a Loch Ness monster lie. I made the long drive from England to the town of Inverness, Scotland. 
On a summers day in September I arrived to the start of the Loch Ness river, where it was freezing cold and raining (typical day in Scotland). I had a friend of a friend there to record and film my journey from one end of the Loch Ness to the other as I wanted to set a new Guinness World Record for "The fastest time from end of The Loch Ness to the other". 
The current record was over 3 hours, and I knew I could beat it. As I set off for the paddle a bus load of Japanese people were taking photos of me as they probably thought I was paddling out to find the Loch Ness monster. 
My paddle fitness was really high at the time and a tail wind of about 30km/h picked up behind me, so I was determined to smash the record. 
2 hours, 49 mins, 12 secs... I smashed it. 
There is now a yearly race there and I believe my record still stands today!



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