What's a consumed before your morning work out

When you wake up in the morning you are waking up in starvation mode, your body has been fasting all night and you now have the least amount of energy. At this time in the morning is when you want to do a physical workout, which requires energy. In the morning you are going to need to change your bodies physical state, you are going to need to need some fuel (1 – 4 grams of carbohydrates, per kilo of body weight).

When you first wake up you are probably at your most dehydrated state, all night your body has become dehydrated. When you exercise in the morning you are going to sweat, this requires fluids in your body, so when you first wake up have a glass of water.

In the morning before exercising, having a coffee, which is a diuretic is only going to make you more dehydrated, so have the coffee after your morning workout.

What to consume during your morning workout

Water is great but branched amino acids (a powder in your water) can give you more fuel as it contains more potassium, sodium, and magnesium than water. Be careful with sports drinks, as they have more fuel than water, but also have a high sugar content and that can make your blood glucose level rise too high to quickly, which leaves you feeling flat/empty quicker.  

What to consume after your workout

The first 30mins after your workout is the “window of opportunity”.  This is when you need to rehydrate and get the carbs and proteins back into the body to help with recovery.

A flavoured chocolate milk contains, carbs, proteins, and fluids, so can be a quick solution.

In the “window of opportunity” is when you could have your treat for the day. Immediately after your workout your body is going to absorb all the carbs, proteins, and fats it needs and replace them directly back into the muscles, instead of storing as fat.

An increase in exercise performance requires you to place a stress on the body, and every workout needs to have a higher stress than the workout before. Matching the right nutrition and recovery after these “workout stresses”, will see an increase in exercise performance, will see you becoming fitter, faster, stronger.

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