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Every year we take a lucky 20 people too beautiful Hawaii. You wake up looking out at crystal blue water of Waikiki and then the day starts, we jump in our mini buses with our surf skis on the trailer behind and we chase the wind.

If its blowing from the East we do the Hawaii Kai run, if from the South the Lanikai run, and from the North the North Shore run. We operate this trip late May/early June when the Easterly trade winds reach Hawaii for beautiful consistent wind. 

On Waikiki beach we catch the 1km wave, there are 3 levels of waves, we start you on the smaller one and build you up to the gnarly one. 

Every night we dine at nice restaurants where we enjoy some reds together as we soak up the days fun, then we press repeat and go again!

We take care of supplying you a surf ski, daily downwind logistics with buses and trailers, Expert coaching, Outrigger Canoe Club membership


Hawaii 2019 Trip

Hawaii Downwind

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Waikiki wave catching

Hawaii wave catching