SHSC February Newsletter

The Spit 2 Zoo Event (9km or 15km) 
Sun 5th Feb 2023
Sydney Harbour Surf Club is hosting the Spit 2 Zoo race as part of the Sydney Paddle Series. Come and support your Club by entering into the 9km or 15km Spit 2 Zoo race and lets show the paddling community how good our club is.
Enjoy a morning of racing and some celebration drinks 🥂 afterwards with the Sydney Harbour Surf Club paddlers and the broader paddling community. To secure a SHSC surf ski, click the BUY $ tab on the App, purchase the $10 surf ski hire, then scroll to Feb 5th and book into the class. Third step is to enter into the Paddle NSW event ENTER HERE
We know its easy to put on 2kg, but its hard to lose it, so lets do it together! Starting Monday Jan 30th and finishing Sun Feb 5th (10am) with a cold beer 🍺 after the Spit 2 Zoo event.
We will give up alcohol, chocolate and bad foods! With the goal to paddle every day for one week to clean out the body!
Step on the scales Monday morning (30th Jan) and record your weight. At the end of the week the people who lose the most weight win prizes. You need to lose more than 1kg to successfully complete the challenge.

2023 Brings an Exciting New!

Surf Ski Ocean Racing Series

Race 1 - Shoal Bay Showdown
Paddlers will enjoy the 2 day event with 7km and 14km ocean events from Fingal Bay to Shoal Bay with the highlight of catching a wave over the infamous Fingal Bay Sandbar. In one weekend you can do up to 4 race events. Entries are now open! Find your accommodation in the Shoal Bay Beach area.
Race 2 - Malabar Majors
Paddlers will enjoy the 8km ocean event from Malabar Beach to Frenchman’s Beach, La Perouse. The paddle takes you along the majestic cliff line of Sydney’s Southern beaches coastline into the infamous Botany Bay. Enjoy a morning a fun with the 8:30am race the qualifier followed by the Grand Final A and B (8km race) at 11:30am.
Race 3 - Mosman Marathon
Paddlers can choose to take on the 20km full marathon challenge or the 10km half marathon challenge. The event is run on the Sat 3rd June and Sun 4th June. You can choose your preferred day or do both days and we will take your best result.
Race 4 - Palm Beach Playoffs
Paddlers will enjoy the 14km Ocean event from Mona Vale Basin to Palm Beach as they paddle up the amazing Northern Beaches coastline. The race event takes place on Sat 16th Sep and Sun 17th Sep. Choose your preferred day or do both days and we will take your best result.
Race 5 - Superbanks Showdown
Paddlers will enjoy this 2 day event featuring the 6.5km and 9km Ocean events and finishing the race catching the infamous Box Head (Superbanks) 1km wave. In one weekend you can do up to 4 race events.
Do you want to know how to paddle a surf ski with perfect technique, how to pull the paddle through the water correctly, or perhaps want to understand what is best to eat before, during & after paddle sessions. 
You may be interested in how to train off the water with gym strength programs, or know how the body burns calories, or what fuel is needed. 
Do you paddle solo sometimes and need motivation? check out the virtual coach audio files where Coach Luke Horder will take you through 55mins of high intensity intervals. 
We have all the answers here for you in our easy to follow video guide: TIPS/TRICKS
2023 Club Championships
Race 1 on Australia Day broke all the records. Well done to everyone who competed and congratulations to everyone who set a new personal record. 
Race 2 - 1st April - Mosman
Race 3 - 20th May - Rose Bay
Race 4 - 12th Aug - Mosman
Race 5 - 9th Sep - Rose Bay
Race 6 - 11th Nov - Mosman
The Doctor Race is regarded by many as the ultimate ocean paddling race. A crossing from the famous Rottnest Island to the stunning white sands of Sorrento Beach. The Doctor captures the ocean paddlers imagination as no other race can. Starting in the crystal blue waters of Rottnest, the paddler is soon into fast moving ocean chop, whipped up by the "Doctor Wind" the afternoon South West wind that prevails nearly every day in summer.
The WA Race Week consists of:
- Fly in Friday 17th November, 2023
- Saturday 18th Fenn West Coast Downwind (24km)
- Monday 20th Nov 14km fun downwind run for SHSC Paddlers.
- Tuesday 21st Nov (10km) twilight downwind event
- Wednesday 22nd Nov 14km fun downwind run for SHSC Paddlers.
- Thursday 23rd Nov (10km) twilight downwind event
- Friday 24th 1km Dash for Cash Sprint races
- Saturday 25th is the world famous Doctor Race (27km)
- Fly out Sunday 26th Nov
Sydney Harbour Surf Club is driving their trailer from Sydney to Perth. We have the whole week sorted for you with accomodation (single and queen bed options), surf ski hire/transport to Perth, race event drop off and pick up, plus a luxury boat ride with your surf ski out to Rottnest Island on the Doctor race day.
- Flights roughly $650 return (you buy your own flights)
- Doctor Race Entry - price hasn’t been advertised yet
- SHSC - Epic surf ski hire for all events over the 9 days in Perth = $850
- Own surf ski transport to Perth $700 and to race events and downwinds
- Luxury boat transport to Rottnest island = $170 per person
- Quality Inn resort - Queen bed/own room = $350 per night/9 nights
- Single bed/shared with 1 other = $230 per night /9 nights.
Hurry, Only 24 spots available! BOOK HERE
A huge congratulations to Coach Lovaine and Mandy on winning the Australian Ocean Racing Series in their age group. 
Lovaine 1st 🥇 50-59yrs and Mandy 1st 🥇 40-49yrs. 
Lovaine coaches at both Mosman and Rose bay clubhouses and Mandy coaches at Rose Bay clubhouse. Come along to their sessions to get all the secret tips to paddle faster. 
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