As we power out of the stroke and lift and roll the wrist back. We want an open palm as you come through and your wrist rotates to the next side, so the wrist is set up for the next stroke in a pronated position. We do not want you to come through with your knuckles and be punching as this only places your wrist in a cocked position and provides a weak joint as you come down for the stroke. The flicking of the wrist brings your blade out more efficiently.

As we come through with downward force on the stroke and the blade has come to the knee, and from the knee it's all about the exit and what we've got to do with the exit is we've got to really power out of the exit and that will get the boat to lift and run forward. You want the blade to enter squared to the surf ski, and as the blades comes out you want to roll the wrist back so the blade comes out on its side and the water falls off the blade. This is the most efficient way to get the blade out of the water and to power out of your stroke

When your front wrist is in front of the top hand wrist you are generating positive power. When the top hand crosses the bottom hand, you are now in negative power and you can see this happens at the knee. If you were to punch the top hand forward this means the top hand wrist will go in front of the bottom hand wrist quicker and that means you're pushing down on the top of the blade and they're going to go into negative power quicker and we don’t want that. We want the front wrist to be in front of the top hand wrist for as long as possible or all the way to knee and then from the knee we look for the exit. The exit is all about lifting from the shoulder and rolling the wrist back, so the blade pops out efficiently. We don't want you scooping the blade out and lifting from your bicep.

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