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We are always here to help and push you further as a paddler. Click the October links below to see that each week we have all the tips & tricks on how to paddle faster and more efficiently plus videos on equipment knowledge, nutrition, how to avoid injuries and the science to improve your training performance. 
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Upcoming Race Events 


2024 Gorge Downwind Champs 



Expressions of interest closes October 15th 2023 

If you would like to travel to the Gorge Downwind champs in Portland Oregon (July 8th - 14th) 2024 with Luke Horder and the SHSC crew, please express your interest by buying the $50 deposit. 

We will organise your entry into the event, plus your surf ski hire/logistics and accommodation. 

For all the information on the week of events please click here - https://www.gorgedownwindchamps.com/


Our Story

Robson grew up around fibreglass with his Dad starting a fibreglass business in Brazil in 1972 and today is a large factory with over 30 employees. Robson played a key role in working and managing this business for 15 years before travelling to Australia and falling in love with his now wife and little daughter. Robson's life is now here in Australia and in 2019 Robson meet Luke Horder. Luke has built Sydney Harbour Surf Club which the largest surf ski paddle club in the world with nearly 1000 people each week paddling out on the beautiful Sydney Harbour. Lukes fleet of 150 surf skis was in need of regular repairs and thats when Luke met Robson.

Together Robson and Luke have been building Fibremar and expanding from repairing paddle craft to marine boats of all shapes and sizes.

Through this time Robson and Luke have built a community of people who have been referring Fibremar onto their friends.

All Sydney Harbour Surf Club paddlers can receive a discount % on surf ski and boat repairs. Simply email us at Fibremar with your repairs needed and we will look after you. 




Can Too Paddle Coach
@ Rose Bay needed!


Our Can Too Spring Surf Ski paddle program starts October 16th - December 10th and we are looking for a coach to run a level 1 beginners class Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30am - 7:30am from our Rose Bay Clubhouse. This is a paid role and we will teach you everything you need to know. 

Please express your interest to luke@sydneyharboursurfclub.com.au 


Our Values 

There are over 300 vessels recorded as having come to grief in and around Sydney. Of these, more than 90 were lost within the harbour. Many others sank as they attempted to enter the Heads. Listed here are a few of the many maritime incidents that have occurred with the Heads and off the coast of Sydney.
Many tragic incidents occurred in the harbour as the population of the settlement on Sydney Cove grew into the exciting metropolis it has become today. The most tragic of modern-day accidents occurred on 3 November 1927 when the 7,000 tonne liner Tahiti sliced through one of Sydney's famous wooden ferries, killing at least 40 people. Even during wartime, Sydney Harbour provided excellent protection but three Japanese mini-subs managed to enter. Although the creating of significant military damage was avoided, the steamer Kuttabul was sunk with the loss of 19 lives. It was, however, during the migration years of the mid to late 19th century that the most tragic shipping incidents occurred, tragic not only in the loss of lives, but the circumstances of their loss, many lives being lost so close to their destination months at sea.
The fully-rigged ship Dunbar is just one example of such a tragedy, wrecked outside the Heads in 1858, with the loss of all but one of her complement. At 1321 tons she remains the largest vessel lost in or near the harbour.
The Catherine Adamson was another tragedy, with 20 lost - after she had negotiated the Heads. Most losses within the harbour have been as a result of collisions or fire, although six vessels have been lost on Sow and Pigs, one of the few navigation hazards inside the heads.
Divers of an advanced level and above can explore the historic SS Currajong, located at a depth of 26 meters in Sydney Harbour. This passenger steamer sunk after colliding with a cargo ship nearly 111 years ago, yet its hull remains mostly intact today, providing a remarkable underwater scene decorated with flourishing marine life. Night diving is preferred for visiting this wreck; to ensure that ferries have already ended their day's operations before heading beneath the waves.
A prominent wreck located in Sydney Harbour is the Centennial. This steamship was originally constructed in Scotland in 1888 and eventually transformed into a coal hulk. In 1943, it tragically caught fire and sank at Neutral Bay to depths of 30 meters - where she remains today.

After being decommissioned by Chile, the once-feared Itata warship took a different route and was used for commercial purposes until it fatefully collided with another vessel in 1917. Subsequently sinking to its final resting spot on the bottom of Sydney Harbour at 30 meters deep, this remarkable ship remains a popular diving site today.
Resting at 9 meters below sea level near Mosman is another site - The Centurion, a steamship that collided with another fishing vessel before sinking back in 1887. This wreck remains popular amongst both snorkelers and experienced divers.



Only 4 weeks to go...

The Superbanks Showdown:

Saturday 21st October @ 2pm is the 13.5km and 20km ocean events.

The 13.5km short course ocean event starts from Patonga Beach and heads up river before turning and paddling around Lion Island to finish at Ettalong Beach. If the course is reversed paddlers start from Putty Beach and head North via Maitland Bay to then turn and paddle back to Ettalong Beach (Course maps below).

The 20km long course ocean event starts from Patonga Beach and heads up river before turning and paddling out to Barejoey and then to the South end of Palm Beach (ocean side) to then make another turn and finish at Ettalong Beach. If the course is reversed the race starts from the Haven, Terrigal Beach and finishes at Ettalong Beach (Course maps below).

If weather conditions are severe there is an alternative 10km or 16km course around St Huberts Island. The 10km course will be 1 lap short and the 16km course will be 2 laps.  

Event Info Here  _________________________________________________________________________

A sports massage can help in many ways...

Typical injuries from paddling include strains, sprains and tendonitis of the joints of the upper extremity, especially the shoulders. Rhomboids are the muscles between your shoulder blades that are responsible for scapular retraction (squeezing the shoulder blades back toward the spine) which occurs at the end of your stroke. The best way to prevent these strains and sprains is with a regular sports massage and long time Rose Bay paddler of ours Jackie Messaike would like to offer all SHSC paddlers 10% off all treatments to ensure we keep you paddling injury free.

Simply mention SHSC at reception before you pay to receive the discount.

Bookings are easy! Simply DOWNLOAD our APP from the APP store or book online at www.jackiessportsmassage.com.au or call our friendly reception team on 9261 4071

They have two CBD locations at 185 Elizabeth street, HYDE PARK and also in the SOMA Collection gym in the CHIFLEY TOWERS.

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