April Newsletter!

Its true!
April is the best month of the year to paddle!


April Addicts Fitness Challenge!
In April the water is still warm, the air temp isnt super hot anymore and we get the morning light back from April 7th, so YES April is the best month of the year.

There are 30 days in April and we want to see who can paddle 30 consecutive days in April! Its harder then you think...

Join our $75 per week unlimited membership and if you achieve the goal we will give you a FREE limited edition t shirt. 


Social Drinks Night
Eastside - Friday 5th April 5pm onwards 

SHSC social drinks night! April 5th (5pm onwards) Downstairs at the Double Bay Oak. Come along and hangout with fellow club paddlers at our popular social drinks night. 


New Mosman Clubhouse
Opening Night! Thursday 11th April 

Calling all Mosman and Rose Bay paddlers!

Bring your family or friends! and come and join us for a celebration night where we officially open the new Mosman Clubhouse. Champagne, music, good people and entertaining speeches will be on show and more beverages and food can be purchased from the Harbour view room at the Middle Harbour Yacht Club. 

Come and be part of something special!


Club Champs 
Race 3 - 27th April  - Mosman Clubhouse 

Club Champs is so much fun! We have 6 x Club event races for the year and we take your best 3 results to see who are the Club Champs in each gender and age group. Each event is 10km and the course is picked the day before to put you in the best spot. 

The first race you do you cant win. We gather your moving time and the next races you do you recieve a handicap start time based off your moving time. We then have a race where we know everyones moving time and we handicap everyone so that the entire field finish with a 100m sprint at the end. 

We laugh and support each other with everyone enjoying the cafe hangout afterwards. Each event you can see your progression versus yourself and others. 

We encourage you to come and have a go!

Scroll to the date on the SHSC App and book in! A week before the race we will send you a “form” to confirm your surf ski type and your moving time so we can set up the handicaps. 


Heading into Race 3 of the NSW Surf Ski Championship series is the Malabar Majors. Paddlers will enjoy the 12km or 20km ocean events from Malabar to Cronulla. The paddle takes you along the majestic coastline cliff line of Sydney’s Eastern beaches.
Saturday 11th May, 2024 - 1:30pm race starts 

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